Advantage Magazine - Turning Over a New Leaf

When Andrew Faas was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005, he found hope in the form of a drug fresh off of its clinical trials. Instead of going through the possible torture of chemotherapy and radiation, Faas treated his condition by taking a pill a day. Fortunately, the treatment turned his fatal condition into a chronic one. Given a second chance at life, Faas left a successful career as a retail executive to start the Faas Foundation and has since dedicated his life to paying his good fortune forward.

“There was a realization that if my life were to end prematurely, my mark on the world would be insignificant,” Faas says. “The day I came to that horrible realization, I cut a deal with the Almighty: that if I were made better, I would become a better person.” So, when Faas recovered, he launched the foundation as a vehicle for his own personal, spiritual betterment as well a means to make future patients’ lives better.

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