The Faas Foundation Announces Partnership With Yale Center For Emotional Intelligence To Study Role Of Emotions In The Workplace

NEW YORK and TORONTO, Feb. 22, 2016

Andrew Faas, founder of The Faas Foundation, announces a joint initiative with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to create the Emotion Revolution in the Workplace. In order to build positive work climates, this groundbreaking initiative between business and academia will investigate the role emotions play in the work environment, including:

  • How employees feel about their work
  • Why they feel the way they do
  • The impact emotions have on individual and organizational performance, overall health, and well-being
  • How to effectively build positive workplace climates

"We are excited that The Faas Foundation has decided to partner with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to bring emotional intelligence into the workplace. Last year, we successfully launched the Emotion Revolution in school settings with the Born this Way Foundation, founded by Lady Gaga and her mom, Cynthia Germanotta. Now with support from the Faas Foundation we can launch the Emotion Revolution in the Workplace in order to promote psychologically safe and healthy workplaces for all employees," said Dr. Marc Brackett, Director of Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

The project's mission is to empower employees at all levels to increase their engagement, productivity and wellness through identifying and reducing unnecessary stressors in the workplace. To accomplish this, the Emotion Revolution in the Workplace will conduct a survey of 10,000 employees across North America beginning May 2016.

The need for an Emotion Revolution in the Workplace is greater than ever before.  Gallup reports that 70 percent of American workers aren't engaged and a Stanford University study indicates that more than 120,000 deaths may be attributable to workplace stress. Up until now, it's been difficult for business, industry and politicians to gauge the perspective of the working class. Because of that it's been difficult to break the code in order to quantify the value of workplace culture.

By collecting anonymous data about these conditions, this initiative will be able to further the scientific understanding of how to effectively build positive and productive work climates and connect workers with the emotional tools they need to reach their potential and achieve healthy and happy lives.

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THE FAAS FOUNDATION was established in 2005 by Andrew Faas, and supports organizations in the areas of general health, education, medical research and psychologically safe workplaces. The Foundation was started because of Faas's deeply held concern for solving health issues through funding basic research projects, as he is a cancer survivor. His work as an anti-bullying activist reflects his desire to create healthy work environments. The Foundation partners with a variety of organizations in the United States, Canada and Israel to collaborate on solutions for some of the world's most pressing medical and societal issues, such as cancer research, workplace wellbeing and HIV/AIDS care.

THE YALE CENTER FOR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE uses the power of emotions to create a more effective and compassionate society. The Center conducts research and teaches people of all ages how to develop their emotional intelligence. The Center does this work because the well-being and sustainability of our society depends on each of us using our emotions intelligently.

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