andrew faas



Move Your Organization Out of the Line of Fire

Can we really afford the price of unnecessary workplace stress? According to a 2015 Harvard University study published in the journal Management Science, more than 120,000 deaths a year may be due to stress at work resulting in approximately 5-8 percent of annual healthcare costs. Author, activist, revolutionist, philanthropist and management advisor Andrew Faas believes this staggering toll on workers can be avoided with education and better management practices. That’s why he’s drawn on his own experiences as a professional problem solver and a former target of irrational corporate bullying.

In this call-to-action, Faas outlines the price we pay for adverse conditions in our jobs and what we need to do to create psychologically healthy, safe and fair workplaces. He has created a manual for identifying toxic work environments with the tools for managers and employees to transform their organization into a positive place for productivity, innovation and creativity.

You can purchase the print version of the book here.