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Emotion revolution in the workplace with the yale center for emotional intelligence

The Faas Foundation and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence are coming together in a joint initiative called The Emotion Revolution in the Workplace. In order to build positive work climates, this groundbreaking initiative between business and academia will investigate the role emotions play in the work environment, including:

  • How employees feel about their work
  • Why they feel the way they do
  • The impact emotions have on individual and organizational performance, overall health and well-being
  • How to effectively build positive workplace climates

The project's mission is to empower employees at all levels to increase their engagement, productivity and wellness through identifying and reducing unnecessary stressors in the workplace. To accomplish this, the Emotion Revolution in the Workplace will conduct a survey of 10,000 employees across North America beginning May 2016. The need for an Emotion Revolution in the Workplace is greater than ever before. Gallup reports that 70 percent of American workers aren't engaged and a Stanford University study indicates that more than 120,000 deaths may be attributable to workplace stress. By collecting anonymous data about these conditions, this initiative will be able to further the scientific understanding of how to effectively build positive and productive work climates and connect workers with the emotional tools they need to reach their potential and achieve healthy and happy lives.


The Faas Foundation has launched the Initiative to Create Psychologically Healthy Workplaces, and has partnered with Mental Health America to develop a Work Health Survey. This survey is designed to gather information on workplace bullying and psychological wellness, and the results have already found that within unhealthy work environments, 80% of employees prefer to work alone due to hostility. Take the survey to add your voice to our data here.