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Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

“Donating is a way for me to make a difference and give back to the community where I grew up.”

No matter where his successful career as a business executive took him, Andrew Faas never forgot his roots and the community that gave him and his family their start.  Andrew is a true philanthropist, supporting a variety of organizations that significantly improve the lives of others at home and abroad through his Faas Foundation.

As an advocate for community and healthcare, Andrew’s support of the Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance has been tremendous.  In 2005, he established the Wilma & Casper Faas Family Endowment Fund in honour of his parents and in 2008, he generously donated $1 million to support the Foundation’s Making the Right Investment – MRI Campaign and Chatham-Kent Health Alliance’s Highest Priority Needs.

“We can no longer be reliant on government for improvements.  The onus is on individuals and businesses to support the overall infrastructure of our community.  Supporting healthcare is a way to not only positively impact patient care and fund vital pieces of equipment like the MRI, but also boost our economy – making Chatham-Kent more attractive to new residents and vitally-needed physician recruits.”

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Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders

How do you make your philanthropic dollars go as far as possible?  This is a question more and more donors are asking.  And it’s one that led Andrew Faas to focus some of his charitable giving to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).  In 2005, Mr. Faas was looking to round out his philanthropy to include international medical humanitarian aid and after thoughtful consideration decided to support MSF.

Mr. Faas has chosen to take a focused, proactive approach to his giving – one that has seen him roll up his sleeves, get informed and become closely involved with MSF.  In 2008 he traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with MSF, and witnessed first-hand exactly how the money that is sent to the field translates into action on the ground.  There, Mr. Faas visited several MSF projects that offer various medical interventions and treatments for the local population, including malnutrition, vaccination, surgery, maternal and infant health and mental health counseling for victims traumatized by violent conflict.  He came away with a sense of hope from seeing the doctors and nurses dedicating themselves to those who have nowhere else to turn.  Mr. Faas was very moved by his experience in the field.  “I think that’s a bit under-emphasized in the materials that I read which say ‘We’ve saved hundreds of lives’ and such metrics but leave out how it’s given them hope that they can rebuild their lives.  That’s what I saw in the Congo.”  When he got home, Mr. Faas - already one of MSF Canada’s largest supporters - made it his goal to share his experience with MSF and show others the impact their charitable giving can have. 

Most recently, The Faas Family Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. Faas, supported the Haitian people and MSF’s emergency response to the devastating January 12th earthquake.  The Faas Foundation’s Matching Gift Appeal for Haiti generated $428,000 and helped ensure that MSF teams already in place before the catastrophe had the resources to assist those most in medical need after the earthquake.

A medical humanitarian aid organization, MSF goes into war-torn, epidemic -ravaged, disaster-ridden countries around the world to help when people need it most.  In the face of great needs, MSF is enormously grateful to Mr. Faas and the Faas Family Foundation for their continued support of our medical humanitarian work.

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